Sophomore – ‘Outcry’

Excitement in electronic

sophomore - outcry artworkStart your week right with this excellent new track from Sweden’s Sophomore. ‘Outcry’ is a six minute long masterpiece of mindless relaxation with a bubbling sense of industrial tension underneath.

It’s like the perfect soundtrack for a quick commute from work, through the early-onset darkness of winter evenings. In an experimental structure, it becomes a piece that can captivate with the hard-to-place feeling of weirdness. With this in mind it’s hard to think of ‘Outcry’ as being wildly unconventional – it’s definitely not a case of Um. Some might argue that it is very conventional.

What is unconventional is the manner and fashion of composition. It’s a piece completely devoid of any harsh hints of digitalism – it’s formed exclusively of hardware instruments and recorded in a single take. At no stage in this process does a PC come into the mix. And that is where the weirdness comes from. It is a roadblock in the digital age, refusing the advances of technology on what is – fundamentally – an artform. It feels strangely impromptu because of its one shot recording technique – and that is massively exciting.

It’s engaging to have something that isn’t manufactured in the fashion of perfection as most music ends up being. ‘Outcry’ is the next best thing to having Sophomore composing a track right in front of you, which is an experience you never really get with the chopped up, stitched together, perfectly perfected electronic music of the 21st century.


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