Listen: Sandro Cavazza hits the ground running

Is this the greatest debut single of the past decade?


Sometimes, you just know that an artist is special the moment they drop their debut single. Arctic Monkeys, for example, were immediately picked out as a talent as soon as they dropped I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Likewise, Sandro Cavazza‘s special blend of electro-R&B grooves and pop vocals on What It Feels Like immediately deserves and demands your attention.

It’s moody, dark, sultry and emotive. If that alone isn’t a winning combination, it uses typical electronic instrumentation as the foundations of the track before introducing a distinct and unique string hook that becomes iconic after the third listen. For a song to make that much of an impact in short an amount of time is nothing short of impressive, but what makes it even better is the effortless nature of Cavazza’s performance. It’s cool, controlled and calculated – making for a very professional single.

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