Listen: Deep feels from Nova Neon

Blues-pop outfit drops heartbreaking love song.


Love songs are the backbone of modern pop music. When it’s all serene and nice, love songs are lovely. However, when things are going sour and the love is unrequited, love songs are among the saddest sounds imaginable. Somehow, they become even sadder when Nova Neon sings them, with latest track Stone to a Balloon channelling the sound of a heart shattering and bleeding as sultry blues vocals meet defeated guitar melodies and lethargic drum beats. This is heartbreak in its purest and most enjoyable form.

As frontwoman Bianca Lewis explains, “Stone To A Balloon is a love song about a broken relationship, where one person is fighting to keep it alive whilst the other one drifts… one person acts as the stone (the rock of the relationship) whilst the other is the balloon (the drifter). In a working relationship, the two counter each other harmoniously – but in this case, it’s the emotional realisation that it no longer works that drives the song.

Yet feelings so sour have never sounded so good.

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