Listen: Jesse Hale Moore will give you strength

Latest single is just the indie-pop song you need in times of trouble.


If you ever find yourself in times of emotional trouble and with words dancing on the tip of your tongue that you can’t seem to set free, then Jesse Hale Moore has felt your pain. In fact, Moore has felt it so intensely that he has penned the ultimate song to overcoming the feeling – Calling You Out.

When discussing the track, Moore says, “Calling You Out is a song about finding the strength to say the things that don’t always come easy when facing a conflict with somebody you care about. It can be difficult and frustrating when a person in your life, especially somebody you love, is unable or unwilling to change. Sometimes calling that person out can be empowering and ultimately liberating.

Okay, so it’s not necessarily always the most relevant. However, as Moore’s voice sails over the staccato-laden and plodding piano melodies and simple drum rhythms, it’s surprisingly uplifting in any circumstance. Maybe Moore isn’t speaking directly to your situation, but the music does speak directly to your heart – it’ll work its way in and live there as a source of inspirational strength. Or, failing that, it’ll just be a hugely enjoyable use of four gentle minutes.

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