Listen: Loose Buttons is the next Arctic Monkeys

Colloquial tongues and overdriven indie guitars make for a great track.


Loose Buttons is an indie-rock outfit that is the unofficial heir to the throne that Arctic Monkeys abandoned in favour of sleek American sounds. That throne is, of course, for the title of British indie royalty. With a strong accent on the vocalist and a blistering guitar tone that balances between indie and intense, Between Brick Walls is the definitive single from a band set for phenomenal things.

It even follows the general sort of structure as early Arctic Monkeys material: it opens with a clean guitar tone that gently sets the scene and then it switches everything up into overdrive. This is executed well and result in a song that feels cohesive rather than disjointed, while also making the steady pacing of the track much more crunchy and impactful. If Loose Buttons has a specific talent, it’s for understanding how to squeeze every ounce of potential from a track. This results in songs like this, where the rhythm is steady but strong and there is no need for a frantic pace. It’s cool, calculated and dominating – and a great offering from a great band.

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