Listen: Reshaped words in Morgxn’s mouth

Joywave remixes new meaning into electronic soul track.


It’s pretty unusual for a remix to change the overall semantics of a song itself. It’s not impossible, but it’s something that very few artists feel confident in doing. Yet Joywave has gone the distance with its rework of Morgxn‘s recent single Home.

More interesting than just the bold move to reshape the song itself is Morgxn’s support for the idea of rephrasing his own work. In an interview with MILK, Morgxn explained that, “I wanted a version of home that was less about running away and more about standing your ground.”

That’s definitely the overall feel of the new version. With a driving rhythm section and expert use of panned instrumentation for unpredictability, this take on Home is brimming with ambition and self-confident swagger. While Joywave inevitably brings its own indie flair to the track, it still works as a rousing slice of electronic glory.

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