Video: Stalgia drops BDY music video

And it’s a very awkwardly sexual experience.


Like it or not, the sexualisation of female pop artists is a seemingly unavoidable part of modern pop music. Female artists will often contort and twist in movements driven by sexual desire during music video shoots, either by their own choice or through record label pressures.

Unfortunately for record labels and music managers looking to summon sexuality to grab attention, these videos don’t always go down as well as they might like. Take Stalgia‘s new video for BDY, for example. The track itself is a brilliant slice of alt-pop with a sultry late-night beat and a fascinating vocal. However, the video is a two-dimensional sexuality pleaser and not much else.

This conceited concept is further undermined by the fact that Stalgia’s frontwoman looks very awkward as she’s running through the tried-and-tested movements of a pop video sex star. It’s very weird and a bit difficult to watch. It isn’t all bad, as the song alone is worth listening to again and again, but the video does a significant disservice to an otherwise excellent track.

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