Listen: Cymbals Eat Guitars gets rawer than ever

Noise-rock outfit releases demo track for charity.


When you’re in a noise-rock outfit, the end result is usually raw and visceral enough to warrant the title so there is never an explicit need to release a demo version so fans can hear the rawness. However, when charity calls, the initial dissonance of a noise-rock demo is certainly something worth giving for. Or at least, Cymbals Eat Guitars thinks so, since the band just dropped a demo version of Finally to raise funds for two charities — the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and The Urban Justice Center.

So what can you expect from a noise-rock demo? More pulse-racing distortion and artfully chaotic discord, that’s what. The demo version of Finally dials up every sound to beyond 11 and even introduces some piercing harmonica lines into the mix that feel like an angsty Bob Dylan. It’s a real chaotic mash up of sounds, but it works surprisingly well. It’s nothing groundbreaking or lifechanging, but it’s a nice enough insight into the inner workings of CEG that is well worth the price tag (which, by the way, is left open to you).

You can buy the demo version of Finally from Cymbals Eat Guitars’ bandcamp page.

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