Um.. – ‘Thwap’

Like ketamine for your ears

Um..'s thwap is ketted out electronic musicIn case you didn’t learn your lesson last time, Um.. doesn’t do “normal”. In fact, there’s not a trace of normality in ‘Thwap’. It’s becoming more and more apparent why the artist chose Um.. as the moniker.

Don’t mistake ‘Thwap’ for being crap, though. While elements may sound like somebody crunching cereal and others sound like altered samples of babies laughing, the experience on a whole is confusingly good. Which really is the best way to describe Um..’s sound.

The opening sounds a bit like you’re being abducted by aliens, and the rest does very little to convince you otherwise. But these aliens have great taste in music, and provide arguably the best and most intriguing soundscapes you’ll find in the electronic genre at the moment. Maybe even any genre.

It feels like polished gabber. Or like you’re ketted out your mind. At least there’s some variation in the type of drug trip you’re on.

Grab the free download at Um..’s Soundcloud.

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