Um.. – ‘Yeah Word Cool Tight’ Review

Um.. drops musical acid

With a name like Um.. and a song title like ‘Yeah Word Cool Tight’, I honestly hope that you weren’t expecting a straightforward piece of music here. This is a track that embraces quirky strangeness straight to its core, and is the sound of drugs.

It sounds like Gabba’s older, much poppier brother. Or somebody who has dropped a hell of a lot of acid. Either way, this is the leaning tower of Pisa of soundscapes: it’s made of some high quality samples, which come to construct an erratic and weird design. It’s just the best and most experimentally weird EDM you’ll listen to today.

It’s one of those songs that confuses you to the point where you might wonder if your drink was spiked, but either way you’re pretty happy because it was pretty damn interesting. It’s a palatable type of experimental sound that, when looped, has all the best bits of a high without the pain of a comedown.

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