MKO SUN – ‘Michiko’

Unlike anything else

MKO SUN's Michiko throws out song structuresAt this point in music’s evolution, there’s very little left that is truly surprising. Stripped to their base levels, all music you hear is fundamentally the same: it’s all got derivative sounds, identical themes and it all fits to one of the many songwriting structures that are commonplace across all genres (except Jazz, that stuff gets crazy).

Which is why MKO SUN’s latest track ‘Michiko’ is so dull and disinteresting. The most interesting thing is the title, a name of Japanese origin which means “born on a lucky planet“. It’s piano driven, with keys reminiscent of typical blazing ballads and vocals that could easily be placed in multiple genres. It’s pretty standard stu- HOLY SH*T, WHAT WAS THAT?!

Scrap all that. Sixteen seconds in and my mind is altered. ‘Michiko’ is the perfect lovechild of an experimental nature, a Jazz hand and a lot of surrogate genres. MKO SUN breaks the monotony of modern music formulas by discarding them in favour of something that focuses on the contrasts that are apparent in music on a whole. On one hand, we’ve got the gentle lilting piano notes. On the other, some beastly bass that will rattle your bones. Throw in some violent synth work and it’s a maelstrom of conflicting sounds. Yet somehow that works marvellously.

It’s hard to select words that can describe the kind of experience ‘Michiko’ is. It’s unlike anything else you’ll hear any time soon, that’s a guarantee. It might be an acquired taste, but for those who enjoy it you’ll be mesmerised.

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