Listen: The Outer Vibe drops ode to love

Sweet To The Rind is a perfect piece of quirky, jaunty indie-pop.


As any full-time fruit enthusiast will tell you, the rind is a work of art. Not only does it protect the juicy innards of citrus fruits from nature during growth, but it also provides steady grip during consumption and adds zest to dishes when shredded. It also serves as inspiration for one of the most captivating indie-pop tracks of 2017 so far.

Sweet To The Rind is The Outer Vibe‘s love song to the feeling of love itself, serving as a fitting ode to the sensation of something that you want to last forever. Feeling equal parts like it takes inspiration from indie heartthrob DID (formerly Dog Is Dead) and Britpop treasure Mansun, the song pits carefree early-noughties guitar tones with ascending riffs, simple vocal repetitions and a steady rock-pop beat for a song that is gloriously inoffensive and accessible. Throw in some quirky horn hooks and you’ve got a beautiful winning combination that is as much a natural work of art as rind itself.

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