Listen: Christofi drops hot Elohim remix

Christofi kicks off 2017 with playful electronic remix of Elohim’s Hallucinating.


Christofi has a penchant for dropping massive electronic bangers. After a successful run in 2016 (as well as a joint award win in the FB365 awards 2016 for his collaboration with FEiN), Christofi hasn’t let the momentum slip as 2017 gets underway. He’s just released a playful remix of Elohim‘s Hallucinating, which is available for free download.

As Christofi himself says, “I love [Hallucinating’s] playful, quirky vibe. My goal with this remix was to elaborate on that and just make it even more danceable and catchy“. He certainly succeeds. The track packs a playful punch right from the first muted rhythms, but it doesn’t stop there.

Christofi appears to have divided the song into three core hooks: the opening rhythms, the explosive percussive push of the chorus and the post-chorus vocal loops. The end result is a three-fold plan of attack on the ears, which results in Christofi ruling your playlist for days to come.

You can download the track for free here.

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