You can connect to the blog in a number of ways. The most obvious way is to directly follow the blog, which will notify you the moment new content becomes available.

You can also connect to the blog via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. All content will be linked shortly after it becomes available, and they should also be first stop for keeping up-to-date on all the key goings on behind the scenes.



If you would like to get in touch to arrange an interview or send a demo song for review by us, send an email to and we will be sure to get back in touch. If you want to send a hardcopy (we LOVE getting these!) then you’re best messaging our Facebook page.

If you have an upcoming gig that you would like us to promote via our Interactive Gigmap, send over the details (date, venue, venue address) and relevant links (a link to your music, a ticket link) to


Write For Fresh Beats 365

We’re currently looking for talented writers and/or photojournalists who would be willing to contribute to the site.

If you’re a budding music journalist (or maybe even an established one with too much spare time on their hands), send an email with an example of your work to Just stick ‘Writing for Fresh Beats’ in the title so it doesn’t get lost.

I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m as eager to help develop new music journos as I am to help new artists!


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