Listen: Max Styler gives Breathe Carolina a makeover

EDM master turns Breathe Carolina’s latest track into a post-trap banger.


Max Styler has been making waves in the music industry a lot in the past few months. Hot off the heels of dropping a couple of well-received singles, the young EDM star has found himself presented with another great opportunity: to produce an official remix of Breathe Carolina and IZII‘s latest single, Echo (Let Go).

While the original track certainly touched on some interesting electronic soundscapes, the overall tempo and vibe of the track was too slow and sombre to take true advantage of it. For this reason, Styler’s remix is less of a remix than it is a completely different beast.

This new take is relentlessly upbeat from the first note and completely changes the melancholy of the original into a rousing source of late-night inspiration, with a constant sweep of spacious synths and an infectious vocal sample hook. Styler has a knack for bringing the inner joy out of everything he touches and this single makes it plain to see.

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