Listen: Uplifting and inspiring EDP

Dave Tindi drops killer single that blurs EDM and pop perfectly.


While dance and pop are two genres that regularly cross over and flirt, EDM and pop are generally quite distinct. Small elements might align fairly closely, but the energy of EDM is seldom replicable in the pop domain. With that said though, Dave Tindi does a damn fine job of merging the two into EDP with his latest offering, the radio-ready powerhouse that is The Reason.

Teaming up with Sehya, the song is one of music’s most uplifting moments of the year to date. The lyrics are a cheerful mix of ambitious motivation and loving devotion, all delivered with a distinct vocal accent that stands out in a sea of similar EDM voices. Tindi takes every rule of EDM and adjusts it to meet his own desires, which makes for something unique and almost pioneering.

It is early days for Tindi, but this single shows that he will be one of the ones to watch in the EDM and dance circuits in coming months.

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