Watch: Bob Ross, reborn

Morgan Cameron Ross plays on his own name in new video.


Bob Ross has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Since his death in 1995 devastated many, there has no been shortage of 24-hour streams of his shows and meme-ification. With that in mind, it’s both witty and opportunistic of folk-rock troubadour Morgan Cameron Ross to play on his own name in the video for new single I Won’t Live Until I Die.

Mimicking the format of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, the video captures Cameron Ross painting a landscape in front of the viewer while the single plays in the background. It’s a novel and ingenius approach to making a music video, showcasing some of the creative flair that has been widely neglected by many artists in recent years. The Bob Ross spoofing also highly suits the song itself, with strutting acoustics and a rock-tinged guitar solo that form the perfect soundtrack for painting.

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