Listen: The sound of revolution

Molehill has dropped the indie-rock anthem that the world needs right now.


When a track is perfectly timed, there is no stopping the success that it will inevitably achieve. Molehill‘s new single Hearts on Fire is one such song, serving as a rousing call to arms for communities of oppressed people in a time when oppression and supression of people is not exactly a rarity.

Inspired by the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, the song is about the strength of a community, sheer willpower, and the resonance of a good and virtuous idea. It’s the good basis of a revolution song, which the instrumentation builds upon perfectly. All the hallmarks of a classic indie song are present, from a firm drum presence and dramatic guitar stings, with a solid synth line running throughout that effectively serves as battle siren. Add in some inspiring vocals and, voila, we have what could — and should — be the soundtrack to any of the inevitably imminent uprisings.

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