Listen: Shock! Horror! It’s… GOOD shoegaze!

Vague delivers some perfect shoegaze vibes on new single.


We’ve never shirked away from our dissatisfaction with generic shoegaze sounds from indie bands, but once in a while we have to accept that there is some gold to be found in the genre. For example, Vague has just dropped its new single Closer and it is making shoegaze cool again.

Th effortlessly loose feel, echo-drenched vocals and a blissfully chilled out vibee are nothing uncommon for shoegazers, but to dismiss Vague based on this atmosphere would be to do the band a disservice. Vague’s power comes from its flawless instrumentation, which is relaxing but with an undeniably tense undertone. The bass line, for example, feels reminiscent of a garage band take on Nirvana’s Come As You Are. Add in plenty of hi-hats and guitars that hold their form in the face of misty music and you’re left with something incredibly enjoyable, refreshingly different and that must be repeated again and again.

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