Watch: Psychedelic fiction

Mile Me Deaf explores the remains of Earth in the sci-fi video to Alien Age.


When the world ends, what is left?

Apparently, the answer is Wolfgang Möstl – the fearless mind behind Mile Me Deaf – in a makeshift spacesuit and ambiguous prophecies of the alien age. Or, that’s the explanation as far as MMD’s latest video for Alien Age is concerned.

Continuing the theme that the Alien Age album is about the post-human future beyond the moment that the human race exterminates itself, the video itself is a lonely and hopeless affair. Möstl navigates the derelict surface of the Earth, finding relics of existence but never encountering any genuine signs of life. It’s a sad look at the sci-fi landscape many authors explore, made a bit more chipper with the psychedelic swathes of the song itself.

Though the concept itself serves more as a warning than just an artistic statement. Written in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015, the entire album is a veiled statement on the ever-nearing apocalypse. And despite constant searching and hoping, there is no extraterrestrial visitors coming to provide salvation. It is mankind, alone, navigating its self-inflicted problems.

Wolfgang Möstl offers a concerningly bleak outlook of the current state of the world, and it’s pretty difficult to disagree.

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