Premiere: Sandro Cavazza hits the club

Ben Maxwell remixes Sandro Cavazza into a relentless electronic stomper.


A little while ago, we covered the phenomenal debut single from Sandro Cavazza. Well, it turns out the fun isn’t over yet because Ben Maxwell has offered up a solid electronic remix of Cavazza’s emotionally pop What It Feels Like.

Where Cavazza had previously made great use of pacing and dramatic string melodies, Maxwell offers an alternative take on the sound. Turning up the tempo and replacing the dramatic hooks with a rhythmic electronic build, Maxwell’s version dials up the club appeal of Cavazza’s original and makes it easier to slot into DJ sets. The end result is a middle-of-the-night suited electronic stomper that makes up in raw energy and dance appeal what it lacks in Cavazza’s charm.

This remix is officially released today (March 3, 2017) as part of Sandro Cavazza’s What It Feels Like remix package, alongside remixes from KANT and ANGEMI.

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