ORAX – Missing

Upbeat retro-electro with sax in all the right places


Deliciously upbeat and deliriously infectious, the retro-electro vibes of ORAX‘s new track Missing make for a solid and enjoyable experience.

The electronic scene is filled with acts that produce strong sounds with a retro influence, but what we generally get are artists that take an 80’s electro spin to their output. There’s no problem with this, some 80’s electro was pretty good (emphasis on pretty). But to condense a decade of sound down to one very standard tone feels a bit cheap.

Which is what makes Missing so good. Unlike their predeccessors who embrace one specific facet of the 80’s sound, ORAX have embraced something different: the saxophone. It’s not a strictly 80’s pop instrument, but there was a prevalent use then.

Either way, it remains a generally under-rated and underused instrument – especially for anything other than brief bursts. Luckily, ORAX use it beautifully on Missing: not only does it form a consistent line of the track, but it adds a powerful hook to the mix in a way that only it can. This song would be unrecognisable without it. The sax not only captures the attention, but it creates a feel and tone to the track which otherwise would have been lacking.

It’s upbeat, fun, and the sax adds a charming energy to the mix which is absolutely essential. Top form from ORAX, and a fantastic lead to their latest album Magnatron.


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