Listen: Silky minimalistic pop beats

DAUNT drives home a perfect late night pop ballad.


Life is better when it’s simple. Sure, it’s good to have a highly developed and app-mad smartphone, but that brings with it the complications about keeping it fully charged. Yet nobody ever complained that the Nokia 3310 was constantly running out of power. Likewise, keeping music simple is seemingly a surefire way of making it stand above the rest of the noise.

Take DAUNT‘s latest single Drive, for example. The track is as uncomplicated as modern pop gems come. It’s predominately propelled by a simple drum rhythm and an infectiously repetitive and mesmerising vocal, with the occasional synth line interjections to add extra layers of melody. By and large, it’s a straightforward and simple affair. And that’s why it’s brilliant.

DAUNT has successfully stripped back the layers of modern pop and left us with what really matters: a sensual vocal, a sexual feel, a sophisticated soundscape and one hell of a song. It’s simple and better than you could imagine.

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