Listen: Halloween comes early for FEiN fans

Alternative outfit drops unsettling song.


FEiN has always had a strange knack for sitting somewhere in the grey middleground between feelings and atmospheres. Whether it’s between chirpy and melancholy or relaxed and tense, FEiN finds a way to muddle feelings – often in the course of a single song. New track Fear is no different.

For the third consecutive month in a row, FEiN’s unofficial monthly music fix has showcased another side to the band. Whereas The Disco was a happy-go-lucky funkfest and Alright was a bit more melancholy, Fear takes the route of simply unsettling. It’s a mid-tempo stomper with light and relatively breezy percussive instrumentation, but there is enough instrumentation manipulating and vocal disfigurement that the track is riddled with tension and unease.

It’s much more atmospheric than the songs we’re used to from FEiN, but it’s a welcome step into something new and interesting for the band.

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