Tamper – Cleanser (Brand New Cover)

Alt-rockers revamp Brand New and amplify the tenderness in the doom and gloom


No matter how hard you try, if you cover a song written by Brand New it’ll be fairly impossible to shift the implied sense of doom that is intrinsically tied into the melodies. The best you can ever truly hope for is that the dread spreading to your listeners is from that sense of doom, and not just from an awful cover version.

Tamper recently dropped four cover songs, the latest of which happens to be a cover of Cleanser by Brand New. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty gloomy affair. If you’re familiar with the original, you’ll probably be expecting nothing less. Luckily, Tamper possess an amazing quality of doomed and tortured misery. This honestly sometimes sounds like Brand New are covering their own track.

Of course that doesn’t strip this cover of any originality. Tamper modernise the track with sharper rhythms and a cleaner production that brings out the tenderness in the tortured melodies. There was never any hope of this sounding too different to the original – the style of songwriting would make it incredibly difficult for any drastically altered renditions to sound acceptable.

Tamper put their own spin on it and, while not making it entirely their own, inspire enough intrigue for listeners to check out their own material. Really, that’s all that matters – and creating a solid revamp of a brooding alt-rock track along the way is always a plus.


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