Bigger than the Atlantic

Indie-rockers Pacific sit down and tell us what they’re all about.


Following on the back of a hugely successful single, ‘Time To Forget’, indie-rockers Pacific dropped their equally brilliant EP ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ earlier this year. But in case you missed all that, we spoke to Pacific’s frontman Anthony Orzel to find out more about who they are and what they’re all about.

Pacific pop outThe band began in high school, me and my brother Dan [Bass/Backing vocals] formed it. We initially played local under 18’s nights to create a fanbase and it’s just snowballed from there to what it is today!

What it is today is at the forefront of the newly emerging indie-pop, alt-rock scene. With recent support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, the band have already come a long way from their humble under-18’s night beginnings.

But it’s not just mainstream radio airplay that is the hallmark of Pacific’s growth. It’s a time-tested turn of phrase to judge a person based on the company they keep, and this year the band’s live sets have seen them rub shoulders with some greats.

Besides our first BBC Radio 1 airplay, which we were over the moon with, our highlight has to be playing the main stage of Liverpool International Music Festival this summer,” Said Anthony. “Appearing alongside acts such as Basement Jaxx, Echo and The Bunnymen and Labrinth was a big deal for us!”

A main stage level of popularity isn’t very difficult to believe when you listen to Pacific’s output. Each song is a carefully crafted gem of indie-pop beauty, with a melodic piano-led soul. Any doubt of their talent would subside with a listen to their most recent EP. But this sound isn’t something that just happened overnight – it was a long time in the making.

Me and Dan are the main songwriters and everything starts on the piano. With ‘What Are You Waiting For’, most of the songs were freshly written at the time of recording.

The whole recording process was pretty fast and only lasted a couple of months. But this was over a year ago, so the EP itself was a long time in the making!

So what were they waiting for? As Anthony reveals, the delays were largely down to the band wanting to fully realise their musical vision and release something that accurately captured it. This partially came down to divisive opinions in the studio.

They’ll love us for saying this, but one of the challenges we faced was with our producers. There were some differences of opinion on the direction of a certain track. Everything worked out for the best eventually though!

Everything did work out for the best as the end result was a powerful indie declaration of intent, packed full of solid anthems and Pacific’s distinct piano-edged sound.

So where do the band aim to go from here? Well there’s no rest for them, having already begun working on new material.

We’re currently working on new material with a very exciting producer, ready for release in the new year. We’re pumped for what 2016 will bring!

Finally, we got the answer to the all important question: why Pacific, and not Atlantic or some other ocean?

Pacific sounds cooler?! And it’s bigger than the Atlantic! And Pacific has connections to peace, which we liked at the time of choosing our name.

Well, you can’t argue with that logic – their sound may well be bigger than the Atlantic.


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