Video: Art and interpretation collide

Vanbot drops music video for new single Collide.


If you’re one of those people who isn’t especially fond of interpretive dance, wild gesticulation or artistic videos, then chances are you won’t be a fan of Vanbot‘s latest music video.

Sitting pretty in the foreground of the tense and atmospheric synth swells of Collide (Krasnoyarsk), the video consists almost entirely of moodily lit shots and expressive contortionism. Fortunately, the movements perfectly align with the music itself and it doesn’t feel ill-fitting. Musically, Vanbot is creating a wide space of ethereal eeriness and haunting electropop that implicitly demands to be held at the front of your mind. As such, anything too visually arresting would distract from the sound.

Of course, there is an artistic angle too. As video director Mats Udd states, “The video for Collide was shot outside Stockholm, in an old military camp. What I wanted to create was a video that deals with space and time and focuses on two people colliding.

In the video, the two people are moving back and forth from each other before becoming one item. Since this song was written and recorded on the Trans-Siberian Railway, we also wanted to latch on to the feeling Ester had; that being on the train moved her existence to a surreal, parallel place. We wanted the video to move in a landscape untangled from time and in an undefinable space.”

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