2015 in review

The good, the bad, the weird and the reasons I go to therapy. 2015’s been an eventful year for new music.


This year has seen a really eclectic variety (and quality) of music come by us. We’ve seen some albums drop which were so good we were left speechless, and singles come out that really should have spent longer in the creative womb.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be right for us to leave 2015 behind us without a final praising and finger pointing at the tracks which were either immeasurably brilliant or just plain strange.


The top five EPs of 2015:

1. Man Made – Bring Some

2. Birch – Halfway

3. Frances – Let It Out

4. Nicky Venus – Little Runner

5. Gengahr – Tired Eyes


The top five albums of 2015:

1. Pikachunes – Allely

2. Swiss Lips – Swiss Lips

3. Krychek – Krychek (we haven’t published this yet, but it’s too good a release to omit from this list)

4. Foxtrott – A Taller Us

5. Drakelow – Beauty In Disorder


2015’s weirdest track: Absolutely anything by Orlando Deer.


The top ten releases of 2015:

1. Pikachunes – Perfume (as we’re unable to add this to the Soundcloud playlist, you can stream it and the full album on Noisey)

2. The Assist – Love

3. Krychek – Cosmic

4. Orlando Seale & The Swell – Wrestling

5. Man Made – Bring Some

6. Birch – Fighting Words

7. Foxtrott – Driven

8. Drakelow – Turning To Stone

9. Mar – Not Like Here

10. Tony Volker – Kingdom Of The Beasts

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