Man Made – ‘Bring Some’

Man Made bring some optimism

With an album expected to drop in early 2016 and an EP on the way next month, Man Made need something big and fantastic to build considerable hype ahead of both releases. It’s make or break. And Man Made well and truly make it with their latest, ‘Bring Some’.

Joyous swirls of guitars set to a funky rhythm, reinforced by marching drums and a solid bassline, make up the bulk of ‘Bring Some’. It’s outrageously optimistic sounding and is even uplifting in parts, with a melody that inspires you to sing along. For the lead and title track from their upcoming EP, Man Made couldn’t have crafted a better indie track.

From vibrant verses to collapsing chorus, this song is a solid lesson in the use of dynamics to emphasise a melody. It’s too common to save the most explosive, uplifting musical movements for the chorus: Man Made do the opposite to phenomenal effect here.

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