Fickle Friends – ‘Say No More’

The sound of 2016’s festivals

Festival-ready and sunny sounding; it might be a little late for the festival season, but Fickle Friends have just dropped a track that could secure them a memorable experience in 2016.

Fickle Friends’ latest single ‘Say No More’ is a melody-focused indie-pop track that is literally bursting with vibrant signs of life. It comes right at the end of the summer, which is good for two reasons: first, it is the ideal transition song – if you’re trying to squeeze the last dregs of summer out of the sun, this is a must. Second, it gives the longest amount of time for this song to work its way into your heart and around your friendship circle before next year’s festival season, when Fickle Friends better make an appearance.

If there’s another reason to love this song, it’s undeniably it’s non-cheesy, non-cringey inclusion of a guitar solo. It’s so rare that we ever come across one of these in pop music in general, so one that rings of celebration rather than self-indulgence is a breath of fresh air.

Honestly, you won’t find a more summery track this side of 2016. Get listening, get loving, and hold onto the final fleeting moments of summer – all in the space of three minutes!

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