Tony Volker – ‘Kingdom Of The Beasts’ Review

A moody electrofolk experiment with hints of NIN.

1Tony Volker has been praised as one to watch by NME, and ‘Kingdom Of The Beasts’ (the lead off his upcoming EP ‘Break And Reshape’) definitely seems worthy of the praise.

Breaking away from the mainstream folk revival, Volker’s brand of electrofolk is a refreshingly experimental sound that gives a strange feel to it. The backing vocal samples feel like a bit Chvrches, while the moody fingerpicked guitars give a vibe of acoustic grunge to the whole track and the electronic inclusions feel very Nine Inch Nails. It’s a weird sort of enjoyable moodiness that has enough electronic sounds to avoid feeling like a pity party.

Just as well, because the lyrics are hardly the stuff of inspirational posters. With a heavy refrain of “we’re born and die alone”, the tone being set throughout should be clear enough. But with its moody atmospherics and experimental sounds, the lyrics slot in perfectly and create a track that will speak to the angst and loneliness in all of us.

As the lead from ‘Break & Reshape’, it’s the ideal introductory track to Volker and his music. It’s also the perfect listen if you find yourself on any commute on public transport. Seriously, try it. It’s beautifully fitted to window gazing.

Full EP review will be coming soon, but you can enjoy this track right now.

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