Tony Volker – ‘Break And Reshape’ EP Review

It doesn’t take a genius to realise the acoustic scene is a bit stale. But it’s taken Tony Volker to do something about it.

‘Break And Reshape’ takes the bloated dead corpse of the acoustic scene and conducts experiments on it, removing the few remaining good parts and mixing them with something new and different. What we get is an EP full of twists on that (too) familiar sound.

‘Kingdom Of The Beasts’ is acoustic-led with a vocal sample hook that turns it into experimental electrofolk, while ‘Lines In Sand’ pushes the acoustic far back into the mix for a desert jazz-esque track. ‘I Guess You Know’ rounds the whole thing off with some spoken words that slip into emotive vocalwork, with a track that feels a little bit Essex Dogs. Despite these style variations, every track is united by a slightly sinister atmosphere and moody anxiety.

‘Break And Reshape’ is a beautiful EP by Volker that establishes him as something other than a run-of-the-mill musician. He’s capable of making things differently, and always interestingly.

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