The Shy Lips – ‘Bahia: Part II’ Review

Fun alt-pop, but is it the follow-up listeners want?

PromoImageIf you’re looking for some fun Strokes-ish alt-rock, then congratulations! The Shy Lips’ ‘Bahia Part II’ is exactly what you’re looking for today.

It’s the pretty standard Strokes kinda formula for a song. It’s got the muscular rhythm section and some nice simple and straightforward guitar work that bounce along with a satisfactory crunch, all of which we know is just a vehicle driving us from one explosive chorus to another. ‘Bahia: Part II’ has a strong sense of alt-pop, and the chorus is everything you could want it to be.

Obviously, with such an upbeat fun tune it can be hard to digest as anything other than over the top. Cue the bridge, a bass-led build up with a vocal delivery that rings with tension. And with that, ‘Bahia: Part 2’ secures itself as being nothing short of a perfect radio friendly alt-pop gem that continues a track record of great tracks from The Shy Lips.

Oddly enough, ‘Bahia: Part 2’ doesn’t sound much like it’s spiritual predecessor (while not a direct part 1, it can be assumed this is a follow up to ‘She Was Born In Bahia’). ‘…Born In Bahia’ has a kind of surfer-rock vibe to it, whereas here we have much more of a pop-ready song.
It’s a shame, in a way, that a song with as strong a pop melody and solid songwriting as ‘…Born In Bahia’ has evolved into a track with a pure pop songwriting and a mindless singalong chorus. It feels a little bit cheap. While it still works a treat, it would’ve been a lot easier to swallow if it wasn’t titled in such a way that connects it directly to ‘…Born In Bahia’.

If you’re looking for a fun few minutes and a simple pop hook, you’ll find it in ‘Bahia: Part 2’. If you’re after something just as fun but a little more thoughtful, stick with ‘…Born In Bahia’ (below).

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