Little Lapin – ‘Remember The Highs’ Album: Relaxation and Indie-Pop

Never has an album title been more spot-on.

It feels like forever ago that we first heard Little Lapin’s single ‘Remember The Highs’. But finally, Little Lapin is building on that single with her stunning debut album. Does it stand up to its title track?

Yes, would be the short answer. Long answer: pretty much, but ‘Remember The Highs’ is still one of the golden moments that you’ll take away from this experience. That’s not to say that the rest of the album can’t keep up – there’s a lot of magic on this album, but the title track especially.

The opening track ‘Magnet Eyes’ is captivating, and is the perfect way to bring any listener into this album. Whether you’re a fan or not, that constant beat with melody flowing over the top is something that you can’t just ignore. It’s not only a great representation of the gentle pop sounds that make this debut glow, but it’s just the right balance to engage listeners.

Of course, over the course of an album so set in a gentle way it’s perfectly natural to find the odd song that feels a little short of the mark. And of course, I’d be lying if I said this album doesn’t have a few tracks that fade into the background. The magic in the album would be it’s track listing in this respect: it’s ridiculous to expect an album to hold nine tracks of thoroughly killer tracks – that would ultimately make the entire album, start to finish, very meh.

The track listing of ‘Remember The Highs’ is great in that for every song that slips into the background, it’s followed by a song that you can only give full attention to. It’s ordered so well that you really do remember the highs of this album – the percussive drive of ‘Magnet Eyes’; the shimmering lead and background keys of ‘Sound Of Summer’; the explosive glory of ‘Colour Blind’.

Better still: even the tracks that don’t hit the mark in the same way have amazing melodies and hooks. Even if they are filling the background space while you do something else, it’s a pleasant background sound that worms chorus melodies into your brain. In a way, this passive enjoyment is an even better way of appreciating the album. ‘Go!Stop!Go’ and ‘Panic’ are the best examples of this.

‘Remember The Highs’ not just expresses fantastic melody and beautiful vocals, but a deep consideration on the role music plays in our lives. It’s an engaging distraction; it’s a beautiful background sound; it’s completely enjoyable. I’m honestly much more satisfied with this album than I would have been if it were full of tracks like ‘Colour Blind’ (though that would have been great too).

Bookended by solid pop gems, ‘Remember The Highs’ is a strong debut that guarantees you do just that: remember all the high points you’ve just enjoyed, and then play them over on repeat.

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