Swiss Lips – ‘Swiss Lips’ Album Review

The best debut album in a long time

artworks-000109450889-3fssd1-t500x500For fans of: Synthpop; Years & Years

Wow. Just wow. It’s not often that any album can leave me speechless, so it’s even more remarkable that it’s a debut album. Swiss Lips’ self-titled debut dropped two months ago, but I’m only just ready to use words to describe how good it is.

From the starting opening synth hook of ‘Books’ to the ghostly fade at the end of ‘Running Away’, there isn’t a weak moment on the album. And the band want you to know this too, putting arguably their strongest foot forward by opening with ‘Books’. Layers of subdued instrumentation, that explode in an anthemic release of colour and sound, form the backbone of the 80’s-tinged track.

This sets the tone for what’s to follow. Each track is layered with synths with just the right amount of vintage feel, and each one has a chorus that stands out. But in spite of all these big choruses, Swiss Lips have enough variation in their sound to make sure that you don’t start drifting off. ‘U Got The Power’ and ‘Carolyn’ are both upbeat tracks with huge choruses, while downbeat songs like ‘Honey’ and ‘Running Away’ are just as big. That’s without even mentioning the blissful lulling interlude of ‘Over And Over’.

It’s a consistently good release full of tracks which vary between massive anthems and straightforward synthpop fun, but all the time demonstrating why Swiss Lips are something special. They’re more than a band with one or two big songs, they’re a band that consistently produce solid tracks with memorably catchy choruses.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to it below, fall in love and go and support the band!

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