Tape Runs Out – ‘Friends’/’Flowers’ Review

An Indie-Shoegaze lullaby and dream in one.

a0018462225_10For fans of: Shoegaze-Indie; Yuck; Joy Division

Shoegaze indie gets done a lot. Its revival is pretty much inescapable, unless you happen to have lived in a soundproof box for the last five years – if so, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve emerged into the late eighties/early nineties.

That said, Tape Runs Out’s debut AA single ‘Friends’/’Flowers’ is a little different. It’s less pseudo-psychedelic and more chilled out lullaby, which makes a bigger difference than you’d think. ‘Friends’, with its gentle plinking lead guitar and Ian Curtis-esque vocals, especially has strong lullaby vibes but without being boring – the abrupt end of the track shows that the band are more than happy to screw with your expectations, and know how to sharply grab your attention.

‘Flowers’ has a much more dreamy feel to it than ‘Friends’. On a bed of gentle rolling rhythms, the vocals slip in and out of the sheets of lush reverberated guitars. It’s a moment of beauty, building to melodies of transcendental brilliance. If ‘Friends’ is the lullaby, ‘Flowers’ is the dream that follows.

It’s actually really artsy when you (over)think about it. ‘Friends’ is the listener drifting off; the lullaby that suddenly cuts out because – before you recognise it – you’re asleep (metaphorically speaking), and ‘Flowers’ is the relaxing dream that engulfs you after that. The AA single could double as an intrinsic artistic work.

Overanalysis aside, Tape Runs Out have tapped into a special part of the Nugaze scene that is uniquely theirs. And this single, available here, is a great start for the band.

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