Arthur Walwin ft. Refraze – ‘Hard To Love’ Review

An easy to love storm of styles

11110987_781178971980036_4941988820679281937_nFor fans of: Hadouken; The 1975; Ed Sheeran; Brand New

We’ve all had that crisis where you can’t decide what music you’re in the mood for. It sucks, and you get stuck between EDM and pop-punk. Luckily Arthur Walwin exists for moments just like that, and ‘Hard To Love’ is a genre-defying release.

It’s hard to even talk about genre for ‘Hard To Love’. It’s equal parts EDM, acoustic and pop-punk while, at the same time, none of them. It’s just doing its own thing, with a structure and vocal that screams pop-punk, a strong acoustic presence and a bass-breaking EDM sound that breaks through the storm of styles. It even throws in a bit of a 1975 vibe, just to really mess with your expectations.

Not that any of this song is, for a second, disappointing. It’s such a mash up of sound that it keeps your interest all the way through, and it’s all so finely-tuned and flawlessly produced that it’s overwhelming. Walwin’s vocals are on top form, and Refraze’s mile-a-second verse is beyond comparison.

Arthur Walwin’s debut album ‘Sleepless’ is released on July 27. If ‘Hard To Love’ is anything to go off, ‘Sleepless’ is going to be a massive release not to be missed.

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