Video: Joey Graceffa – ‘Don’t Wait’

Joey Graceffa’s music video masterpiece

Are we allowed to talk about Joey Graceffa on here? While he’s not primarily a musician, he is a very well known figure (he’s the good kind of internet famous, the kind that doesn’t involve eating tampons). But his new track ‘Don’t Wait’ is too good not to talk about.

It’s hard to describe ‘Don’t Wait’ as anything other than a pop track. But for all it’s pop polished charm, there’s a tender acoustic heart that offers vulnerability under the pop sheen. It’s a beautiful contrast, and one that really fits the mood of the track’s underlying message.

The message is what makes ‘Don’t Wait’ even better. Lyrically, Joey has done a fantastic job of maintaining just the right level of ambiguity so that it’s relatable to different people for different reasons – everyone can take their own interpretation from it, while still knowing it’s inspirationally uplifting.

But the video is Joey’s masterpiece. It not just allows us to see the importance of the song to him, but does so in a truly artistic way. It’s been confirmed that this is Joey’s coming out video, but that doesn’t become apparent until the very end – until then, it’s just a story of overcoming troubles. The artistic juxtaposition of the reality of a situation and the imagined world created as a result is a fantastic touch, and makes this a monumental moment.

Joey’s choice to come out in his own way is inspirational for its marriage of art and pop culture – a strong message, put across magnificently through an artistic visualisation of a brilliant pop track.

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