Orlando Seale & The Swell – Wrestling

Orlando Seale’s latest single holds your emotions in a full nelson.


It’s been a while since we heard the tortured tension of Orlando Seale and The Swell, so it’s a relief to hear that they haven’t lost their touch for drama in the months between tracks. Their latest single Wrestling is damned and doomed, catching emotions in a twisted full nelson.

From an emotionally-wrecked earthy vocal to a punishing rhythm section with the infrequent stab of a deliberately out of tune instrument, Orlando Seale is still a master of musical tension. Every element of this track’s composition lends itself to atmosphere rather than any kind of intended pop appeal: it’s all about capturing and presenting a mood than delivering a mainstream pleasing sound.

With that said, Seale produces a solid chorus which blends the mindlessness of pop with the crafted lyricism of poetry. A simple repetition forms a strong vocal hook, reinforced by the song’s core line (“this is more like wrestling than dancing“) which is inspired by a Marcus Aurelius quote (“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing“). It’s a subtle learnéd depth that makes this more than just a mere alt-pop song.

Orlando Seale’s return is marked with this relentless assault on atmosphere, emotion and pop music. And it’s an undeniable triumph.

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