Waveshaper – ‘Artificial Elements’

Electrowave that stands the test of time


A good measure of a track’s quality is its ability to stand the test of time. When it comes to electronic music, this often throws up something of a roadblock as the constant development and evolution of equipment and production techniques means sounds can become dated rather quickly.

Of course, this retro vibe can have a charm to it but fundamentally any revivalist element of that sound is wrapped in more contemporary production or structure. So for Waveshaper’s recently shared ‘Artificial Elements’, a track that is claimed to have been put together in 2006, to still stand up as worth writing about speaks volumes in itself.

After almost ten years, ‘Artificial Elements’ is still a fantastic slice of electrowave. A solid rise/fall structure embedded with chilled synth lines and haunting hooks make for a track that feels as if it was years ahead of the chillwave scene in making this sound so brilliant. It’s a track that feels as fresh with this recent public posting as it would have when it was first composed – which, honestly, is something it’s incredibly difficult to say about most other pieces of music.

Even better still, is that it’s a free download. There’s no downside!

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