Orlando Seale & The Swell – ‘All Of The Dogs’ Review: A Reserved Explosion


Orlando Seale & The Swell’s follow up to the last time we covered them, ‘All Of The Dogs’, is one of the more interesting tracks we’ve had the pleasure of listening to this week.

Maintaining the same level of intimacy that was a shining point of ‘Filthy Jope’, ‘All Of The Dogs’ is a much more brooding and climactic experience. The music creates a dramatic tension as it throws together atmospheric strings with various shades of guitars, from indie chimes to muted clean tones, while Orlando Seale offers a subdued vocal in the middle.

The tension is the main component of the track, and it gives way into a climax that feels like a small bomb has gone off. It’s a very reserved kind of explosion, rich in the ambitious tension that is becoming the signature of Orlando Seale & The Swell. Along with the lyrics that disassemble the speaker in a storm of self-doubt and deprecation, ‘All Of The Dogs’ could be the most interesting two minutes of your day.

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