Orlando Seale & The Swell – ‘Filthy Hope’ Review


Orlando Seale & The Swell are just… wow. Their new single ‘Filthy Hope’ is a stomping masterpiece that shifts from sweeping grandeur to heartfelt intimacy in such a naturally smooth way that you barely notice it even happens.

Musically, we’re caught in a whirlpool of electronic washes and deep bass notes that keeps the experience feeling very insular but still spreading out like a wave to wash over everybody. In a way, it’s like an electronic equivalent to shoegaze. And the musical builds help to establish a sound capable of filling the biggest venues.

Even the bridge, which sounds like it’s being channeled directly and personally into your ears, manages to give a feeling that it could fill stadiums. But the magic of the track’s personal qualities lie within the fantastic vocalwork and the lyrics themselves. Seale’s vocals are powerfully commanding with a sense of frailty, and lyrically there is a real sense of graceful despair. In spite of this despair, the urgency of the lyrics and their delivery makes the track feel ambitious and even hopeful. There’s a lot going on lyrically in this song, and Seale delivers it perfectly.

The band have already started breaking ground and establishing themselves in the London scene, and with a track this powerful it’s only a matter of time before the hype makes its way elsewhere. You can listen for yourself, below.


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