The Slow Readers Club – ‘I Saw A Ghost’ Review

PromoImageThe Slow Readers Club are back with more of their trademark swelling melancholy on new track ‘I Saw A Ghost’.

This time tackling the obviously joyful topic of Depression, ‘I Saw A Ghost’ sees the band producing a muscular track of indie-alternative goodness. Wasting no time, the song opens with a vocal line that sets the tone for the track to follow, proclaiming “I am broken…” before the music itself crashes in.

Don’t let the ambient-esque opening fool you. It isn’t long before the guitars swell into a swirl of echoey picked notes, and then further into rung out notes that spread across the chorus. And with a muscular rhythm section, it’s a powerful addition to their repertoire. But it don’t offer anything especially mindblowing.

But of course, this track isn’t meant to be musically focused. Sure it has a distinct sound that captivates you, but the purpose of this track lies in its lyrical content. Anything different would distract completely from the soul-baring emotion of the lyrics. They are the bleeding heart of this track, and they succeed in being the thing you focus on the most. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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