Drakelow – ‘Sleeping In The Photograph’ Review

Expectancy is a very strange thing, and it causes some very unusual effects when you go into a track with some sense of what to expect. Take Drakelow for example. I always, since their days performing as Young Runaways, have expected big and great things from them and their tracks.

Riskily, I went into listening to their new track ‘Sleeping In The Photograph’ with high expectations. And because of this, a very unusual thing has happened: I’ve been confusingly blown away. Because ‘Sleeping In The Photograph’ has exceeded my high expectations in an unexpected way.

The track is a perfect blend of the Young Runaways sound that I loved, and the more shimmery guitar sound that Drakelow have established as being their sound. It’s this composite sound that makes the track so good. Not just because it’s a nice treat for those who have followed the band for a long time, but it does what so many indie bands fail to do when they establish a sound: it pushes the boundaries of what they do. There’s shimmering guitars but… wait a second? Are those rhythm guitar strums layered underneath?

Musically and vocally it’s just the kind of sublime stuff we know Drakelow can produce, but the more mid-tempo stomp approach brings a nice new shade to their sound. And that unexpected musical shift in the bridge is phenomenal, and it’s something that is very rarely incorporated into tracks from new artists. Drakelow are way ahead of the game and this proves it.

If for some reason you’re not already listening to this phenomenal track, you can by clicking the play button below this. It’s one decision you won’t regret.

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