Video: Pikara – ‘This Hollow’

Pikara’s ‘This Hollow’ is just a beautiful track drenched in weirdness. It’s a transformative piece of music that goes from atmospheric throat singing majesty to frantic string-led maelstrom.

Pikara’s vocals are beautiful, and make this track feel like the outcome of if Lorde was to find abstract spiritualism. The throat singing sets the backdrop (as well as captures the attention of the listener, because it’s such an unconvential thing in modern music), and from there we just deeper and deeper into the glorious weirdness.

The video is pretty though. It’s got some nice shots of Pikara walking through various places in nature, all capturing the beauty of nature. Alongside music that feels like it’s a callback to natural techniques in a time of electronic overhaul.

It’s pretty sweet when a music video gets you all arty and deep about symbolism, isn’t it? The only thing bad about this whole thing is that the video is hosted on Vimeo. WHY?!

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