Throttle x Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Throttle’s Earth, Wind & Fire remix breathes new life into an old genre


It bodes well for a track when Earth, Wind & Fire grant the privilege of it being the first track permitted to re-use the original parts from their work. That’s just the case for Throttle‘s remix of their hit track September.

It seems that EWF’s blessing was not wasted. The remix breathes new life into a track that was in need of a contemporary spin, bringing it thoroughly up to date and making it ready to drop into a late night DJ set. Throttle puts in some solid production to emphasise the disco elements, fitting to a style he has dubbed ‘dirty disco’.

The only downside is, in his emphasis on the disco element and reimagining as a contemporary club-ready track, the remix slightly neglects the heart and soul of the original track. The original was all funked up and hugely enjoyable, but the remix only uses aspects of the funk sound as a hook which dissolves slightly into the mix. It feels like a confusing decision, as funk is becoming more widespread again in pop music, to limit such a solid sound to the confines of a hook.

Still, try not getting swept up in the track. This remix shows that there’s life in disco yet, even if not every part of the sound could be resuscitated.

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