Foxtrott – ‘Driven’: Hook-heavy erratic electropop

A great sign of things to come from Foxtrott.

It can feel pretty glitchy at first, leading with repetitions of a short rhythm loop. But this rhythm loop forms the backbone of the catchiness of Foxtrott’s new track ‘Driven’.

Foxtrott has a track record for creating some amazing electropop, but she’s outdone herself on ‘Driven’. The rhythm loop that keeps things together for the first half of the track creates one of the catchiest things you’ll hear, and the synthline hook of the second half is almost as good. It’s like Foxtrott went all out on making this track as memorable as possible, and created vibes of Bastille’s ‘Flaws’ in the process.

Even better than this is the fact that Foxtrott doesn’t sacrifice any warmth in making this track so hook-heavy. She’s stated her intent in the past to compose music that brings a sense of soul and warmth into electronic music, and she has succeeded with that. Her vocals, powerful and emotive, provide the necessary humanity over the bed of hooks. The hooks get lodged into your brain but it’s her voice that connects.

Foxtrott has been praised countless times as being “one to watch”. With ‘Driven’, it looks like all that watching is going to pay off for a lot of lucky listeners. And as the lead off her upcoming debut album “A Taller Us”, it’s a great sign of things to come.

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