Aleks Grey – ‘Feel Alive’: The emerging sound of Summer

Summer starts with Aleks Grey’s latest track.


It’s almost summertime, so it’s a great time to get Aleks Grey’s latest single ‘Feel Alive’ into your life. It’ll be the perfect accompaniment as Spring days melt into Summer haze, with a beautiful upbeat melody than spans from piano to guitar.

Leading with a solid bassline and a strong piano hook, ‘Feel Alive’ is so naturally pop it’s honestly difficult to not feel like this could be a bit contrived or manufactured. The restrained guitars that evolve from muted to spiralling indie swirls are textbook indie-pop, the drums are simple and nothing especially exciting. So why is it so damn good?!

Because Aleks Grey hits every single mark perfectly. For all thoughts of “oh this is textbook” or “I’ve heard stuff like this before“, it’s unfair to dimiss such an amazingly fun song on the context of not providing completely fresh compositional ideas. Because the piece itself is beautifully original, and it feels like such an empassioned labour of love from Grey. And the chorus is HUGE, pushing the track from summertime soundtrack to year-round anthem.

Grey’s vocals are stunning too. Not just any vocalist could pull off this track – the raw power and glorious melody that enrich Grey’s voice is worth all the praise it can get. The instrumentation might make the track feel fun and summery, but the vocals make the track feel alive.

‘Feel Alive’ is the perfect track to put a smile on your face, light up any dull day and to form the backbone of a soundtrack to summer 2015. It’s out on May 15, so keep that in your calendar: it’s the day summer begins.

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