Gengahr – ‘Tired Eyes’ EP

A flash of indie-pop, Brit-rock glory

The latest EP by masters of hauntingly ethereal britrock Gengahr is a ten minute flash of glory that perfectly encapsulates their sound for all those who didn’t get a chance to listen to A Dream Outside.

Suddenly appearing with no prior warning ahead of the band’s UK and Europe tour, ‘Tired Eyes’ is a ghostly experience that gives you both indie-rock and Britpop fulfilment. Capturing the band’s dreamy blend of the two genres without leaning too much to either, the EP is one for indie fans from all walks of the scene.

Interestingly, the band have yet to become repetitive in their past-channelling sound. Tracks like ‘Fade To Black’ exhibit their sound is as fresh as when it first emerged, with ghostly vocals at easy odds with a ferocious guitar solo that sounds straight from the mind of Graham Coxon, while ‘Loki’ is a lumbering beast of echoey fantasy.

There’s nothing completely unexpected from this release, other than that it was released without warning. It’s the Gengahr you know well and love, with nothing to throw you too far off. It delivers on expectations and provides three lovely new songs for your enjoyment. What more could you ask for from a surprise EP?

The EP is available now on Spotify, or the title track can be streamed below.

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