Playlist// The best music of August 2017

The top five tracks to get your ears around this month.



Eddie Gold – Pool Party

Pool Party toys with some fluttery electronic synths then builds with more experimental synths before the initial drop, which engulfs listeners in the usual accompanying ecstasy.



BAYNK – Come Home (Billboard remix)

Whereas the original was a textured alt-pop esque number with a solid hook and tender melodies, Billboard’s remix gives the track an electronic makeover.



Highschool Jacob – E Flat

Taking electropop synth washes and mixing them in with altpop percussion lines, the track at its most basic level is an infectious pop song.



Skellums – If You Have To Leave

This is your typical indie track, with the standard dynamic shifts, asingalong chorus and an abundance of similes. Fans of The Subways will be in heaven.



Azad – Enough Of You (Karnaval Blues remix)

This remix sees the UK producer turn the single into a hazy hip hop number that brings Azad’s bars to softer sounds and sets the beat to a slower, glitchier speed.

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